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A day exploring Sedona..

Absolutely beautiful day this morning. A bit of a chill in the area but in the low 70s. If you stand directly with the sun in front of you, you can certainly feel the strength of the sun and soon it will heat up quickly. We had a quick breakfast - Maria's bagels which were awesome.

We left around 10:30am and made a quick stop in the local town of Cottonwood. This little town has a great vibe, from the vineyard tours, Bocce and pizza, Olive oil shop, souvenirs it had a little something for everyone. We didn't go into the shops since we were going to Sedona and they had similar stores there as well.

Sedona was about 25 mins from our campground. The terrain changes in just this short a drive - additional mountains with red rock.

We made a stop at Slide Rock State Park. Originally a homestead apple farm, Slide Rock State Park is one of our most popular recreation spots. Super nice spot!

We continued on towards Flagstaff on the scenic 89A road. The landscape begins to change once again with tall pines lining the street. Several switch backs - the road was like a snake. Fun to drive on! One of the photos below shows snow on one of the mountains.

Maria took some video while to show how curvy this road was. Great ride and beautiful scenery.

We headed back to Sedona where the shops where to have lunch. We had an awesome meal at a restaurant that had patio dining overlooking some of the amazing red rock formations. We then visited some of the shops prior to jumping back on the Spyder and returning back to the campground.

So we had an awesome day. We say temperatures at 69 degrees and temperatures at 93 degrees. There are so many elevations, valleys and mountains that the weather changes a bit.

We leave here tomorrow for our 5 hour drive to Las Vegas. Las Vegas shows weather in the 90s and sunshine no rain. Looking forward to seeing the strip again.

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