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Arrived New Mexico

We left Brownwood State Park around 8:30am since we had just over 6 hours of driving time to get to our next stop. Just as we finished getting hooked up, it started to rain. We headed off and shortly after getting on the highway it started pouring - and I mean pouring. The highway speed is 75mph and we were going 35mph - no one around. We drove through this for about 45 mins when it finally stopped. Maria was watching the weather app and could see that the storm was heading away and our destination it was sunny. It was much cooler in the morning - about 73 degrees and no humidity which was nice.

As we got closer to New Mexico, the landscape was changing to more of a desert look.

Sumner Lake is a location we have been to in the past. It is beautiful here, very quiet and peaceful. The wind picked up a little bit but is nice to have the windows and door open.

Maria made sour dough pizza for dinner - even though it is Mother's Day. Tomorrow we leave for Homolovi which is in Winslow, Arizona. We will be there for 2 nights.

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