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Banff & Lake Louise..

This morning we are heading out on the Spyder. It was about 55 degrees as we left the campsite around 10am or so. First stop was Bow Falls. A short ride from downtown Banff. Beautiful falls along with the Banff Springs Hotel.

Went back through downtown Banff.

We went onto Vermilion Lake area first and caught some awesome views of the lake as well as surrounding mountains.

Then we jumped on the Trans-Canada highway towards the famous Lake Louise. During our ride we passed under several bridges that cross the highway. Due to the many car accidents with Elk, Canada built wildlife crossing structures over and under the highway to give safe passage for their wildlife! Banff has the most of these structures anywhere in the world - including 38 underpasses (tunnels) and 6 overpasses (bridges) as of the year 2014.

We took the Bow Parkway towards Lake Louise. A super beautiful drive.

As we were turning a corner, Maria caught an animal out in the field. We stopped with several others and spotted the animal. It was a Moose!

We made it to Lake Louise. Lake Louise is ALWAYS super busy and most times you MUST get there early in the morning to grab a parking spot. Lucky for us, we were on the Spyder. Scott spoke with the parking attendant and they let us through! We got to spend time at Lake Louise and the Fairmont Hotel which overlooks the lake.

On our way back, we stopped at Johnston Canyon.

The day really warmed up. It was about 75 degrees or so today - just gorgeous! We headed back to Banff. It is very common to come across Elk out in the street like we did in the photos below.

Made it back to the campground. Relaxed at the site and just enjoyed the view.

Wildlife all around the campground... As Scott was taking Ellie for a walk he came across this guy..

Just another awesome day.

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