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Banff National Park

We hung out at the campground today and then took a drive into Calgary which is about 1 hour away. We into Walmart to pick up a few groceries. Went to grab a shopping cart but was unable since we needed to have a Canadian dollar (loonie is what they call it) to get a cart and then you get it back when you return it - much like we have at Aldi. Since we are trying to use only credit card for the better exchange we had to grab a couple of shopping baskets.

The drive to Calgary was VERY different than we had expected. Once we got out of Banff National Park the roadways were flatter with no snow capped mountains. Still could see them in our rear view mirror for a while but heading towards the city there were none. We took the truck since it was about 52 degrees - just felt we would wait until Monday when it was warmer to take the Spyder (plus we needed the extra room of the truck).

Absolutely gorgeous 360 degree mountain views...

Short video taken as we drive to Calgary.

Some snapshots of the amazing landscape.

The Rocky Mountain Elk are always around our campsite grazing on the grass. They are not bothered by people, if you get too close they will watch you and move. Most folks are respectful of their boundaries. The photo of the little guys are ground squirrels. They act like prairie dogs, you will find large holes around the campground - they have quite the tunnel system. You can hear them communicating to each other - super cute!

A short video taken from the door of our RV.

Amazing waterfall coming off the mountain.

The temperature today hovered around 55 - 59 degrees. The morning starts out grey, but once the sun wakes up the clouds clear and it was a beautiful day. Took the Spyder out of the back and is ready to take a ride. Monday is expected to be one of the warmer days so looking forward to exploring more of the area.

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1 Comment

DeeDee Johnson
DeeDee Johnson
May 28

This is such a beautiful place and I so love all the wildlife... <3 Thanks for sharing these..

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