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Change of plans.....

Last night we met the owner at the cattle/grain farm. Young guy with 4 small boys. He explained what it is like owning and running a 300 acre farm. Between planting corn, grain, hay, boarding horses, raising cattle, breaking wild mustangs he is a pretty busy guy. You can tell his love for the farm life and appreciation for the mountains that surround his farm. There were 3 others camping at this farm - but there was plenty of room. We purchased some beef to make a stew later in the trip.

Heat kicked on last night as expected. I set the heat low 58 degrees while sleeping, and heard the heat kick on a couple of times. Turned up to 65 just before getting out of bed.

We are off to another Harvest Host today - Cache Meadow Creamery which is in Idaho. It is just over 4 hours north.

So we made it to Cache Meadow Creamery but the location they wanted us to park in was soft and we were afraid we would sink. We left a message to the owners thanking they for allowing us to park on their property and booked a campsite about 1 hour north. We found Cowboy RV Resort which was a clean and small campground - great for the night.

It was a beautiful drive on the way through Provo, Utah and Salt Lake City, Utah. The weather hung around 60 degrees most of the day. The photos don't do it justice!

We also modified tomorrow's stay from the Alpaca farm to a brewery (probably a better choice). We will in Montana tomorrow.

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