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Hardeeville, South Carolina "Huddle"

We had a 5 hour ride from the campground in Florida to the campground in Hardeville, SC. We will be camping with about 170 people that belong to a social camping group we have enjoyed in the past. They call these large gatherings a "Huddle". It is a get together of like-minded folks who share the love of travel in an RV (trailer, motorhome). Some of the folks are "full-time" meaning that they sold their house and live on the road traveling all over. It is alot of fun to get together with old friends and create new friendships as well! Amazing the people you meet! Savannah Lakes RV Resort was the host location and just recently opened. It is a beautiful resort, not fully operational yet (pool still being built) but looks like it will be wonderful when finally completed.

When we all get together, we always do a "give-back" to the community we are visiting. Our give-back was to provide to the community services (Police, fire) a goodies basket, and provide a local shelter with bedding, laundry supplies, sheets, towels. We also had a large group do some much needed roadside cleanup. It always feels great to be able to give back when ever you can!

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