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Homolovi State Park, Winslow, Arizona

We had a beautiful drive to Homolovi State Park. When we left New Mexico, it was chilly in the mid-60s and most of our drive stayed in the low 70s. As we reached Arizona, the temperature was 84 degrees - warm but no humidity. The scenery changed dramatically - more desert looking, lots of sand, no trees and dry.

You can see for miles across the plains. We saw several dust funnels in the distance.

We arrived in Arizona. We are now 3 hours behind east coast time.

We arrived at our campground around 3pm local time. Temperature was 84 degrees and sunny.

Found some friends hanging out in the campground. They just stood and watched me as I was talking to them - then went on their way.

Super nice campground. We will be here a couple of nights then off to Cottonwood, AZ to visit the Sedona, Arizona area.

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