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Just a day of chillin...

We hung out at the campground today preparing for our trip into Canada tomorrow. It was a cloudy day, probably in the 50s. We are surround by beautiful mountains. The campground has about 80 RV sites and also a 18 hole golf course. Everything looks new, so we assume it has only been open for a short time. Ellie loved that they had golf grass at the end of the sites, very different than the grass she has been dealing with in the other areas. Doing laundry today in the RV, going through the refrigerator looking for restricted fruits and meats. Canada has regulations in place to protect the people and environment from potential health risks. Typically, if there is a label on the frozen meat they are ok with it - they are looking for USDA on it. Many times we buy larger and separate into zip lock bags - so unfortunately we have taken that chicken out and plan to try and cook it today.

Maria was grilling outside so we don't have to throw away the chicken we have. We (ok Maria ) has grilled all the meat, we are throwing out the limes and drinking some of the excess Vodka we have :-) .

We went to the local store to grab some some items we wanted prior to the border crossing. We got a bit of diesel in the spare tank we have in the truck bed to same some $$ ahead of going into Canada. We have just 7 miles to the border and then about 4 hours to the Tunnel Court Campground which is in Banff National Park - Alberta Canada.

Here is where we are in our trip. Just before the Canadian Border in Eureka, Montana.

Here is some snapshots of the campground.

Enjoying the restful day and preparing for tomorrow.

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