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Las Vegas - A day on the Vegas Strip..

We are guessing that Ellie isn't a fan of the time change and has decided to stay on East Coast time. Needless to say for the past several days it has been a 4:30am wake up, walk me and when do I eat! This morning was no different. This mornings temperature (4:30am) felt around 85 degrees with a warm breeze. The day heated up to 103 degrees. The park was super quiet that time of the morning as Ellie took her morning walk. Scott went off to the dealership for maintenance (oil change & fuel filter change) - 7am appointment.

Maria and Scott decided to grab an Uber to the strip. The driver picked us up outside the park gate and dropped us in the middle of the strip near Paris. The day was warming up quickly, sun was getting hot but it was still comfortable.

Here is just a few celebrity chefs that have restaurants on the strip.

Of course, all of the casinos have large indoor shopping centers that make you feel like you are outdoors. Boy, the money in theses places.

One of our favorite hotels - inside the Venetian Hotel

We played the penny machines, sat at a table for Let it Ride, Roulette and Black Jack. Had a great time.

Both of us had not been to Vegas for 12-15 years. So much construction happening around the strip. It was a busy weekend, some of the hotel casinos were VERY lively. You see it all - and I mean all in Vegas for sure! Crazy place, cool visit but not entirely our thing. Glad we went to experience it. Tomorrow (Sunday) is a relaxing day - no plans but that could change anytime!

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