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Magnolia Beach, Port Lavaca, Texas

It was a very warm day, with high humidity and temperatures between 84 - 90 degrees. Yeah... it was HOT! The roads were - less than stellar! Lots of bridges with raised joints makes for a bumpy ride. We timed it right as we went through Houston. Lots of traffic but it stayed moving. Many areas just off the highway were still underwater from the recent storms. It took a bit of navigation to make certain we were clear of storms as well as road closures due to the damage.

Magnolia Beach is a 1.5 miles long stretch of drivable hard-packed sandy beach on the Texas coast, on Matagorda Bay, just 20-25 minutes south of Port Lavaca. The water here is less salty than in the ocean (just 19%) because the Colorado and Lavaca Rivers flow into the bay. Magnolia Beach isn’t a resort-type-of a beach, but it’s a very peaceful and relaxing place where you can park your RV as close as 15 feet from the ocean, sleep to the sound of waves and wake up to a picturesque oceanfront view. The ground is crushed shell and packed down like pavement. Free camping with a maximum of 14 days allowed.

Awesome location, beautiful beach, and waterfront views! Very serene.

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