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On to San Antonio, Texas

Friday was a bit cooler, but grey and hazy. The wind picked up and it was about 80 degrees.

Maria took the trailer out of our spot... but looks like she was going to continue without me! We left Magnolia Beach and headed to San Antonio, Texas for a quick overnight.

On our way to the campground, we planned to stop at Blue Beacon. Every wonder how those large tractor trailers get cleaned? Yup, Blue Beacon is probably the largest of the truck wash companies out there. We needed to make sure we removed the salt from staying close to the ocean.

First photos show the line of trucks waiting on the two wash bays.

Once it is your turn, you drive in, they have a team of 5 or 6 guys washing the Trailer and Truck. The wait and the wash took about 1 hour or so in total. We left the wash nice and clean (at least for now).

We were about 20 mins to the campground from the truck wash.

Very nice campground but glad we are only here for 1 night. Next stop Brownwood, Texas.

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