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Talona Ridge - East Ellijay, Georgia

On Wednesday we left Hardeeville, South Carolina for Talona Ridge in Georgia. Our first time at Talona Ridge was in November 2021 which was also our camping huddle. Some of the same folks we first met in 2021 we also saw again in Hardeeville, South Carolina.

Back in 2021 when we camped at Talona Ridge, the park opened for this camping group only. They were not open to the public since many of the sites were not finished. The owners and workers at Talona Ridge were awesome as 150 campers tested the limits of the camping infrastructure. The pool, dog park, trees, and grass were not even installed yet. The park is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains which gives you a 360 degree of the mountain ranges. We were excited to see the park completed and spend a few days in the area.

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