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Van Nosdol Land and Livestock - Utah

Beautiful day for a drive to Utah. It was 84 degrees when we left Vegas and 60 degrees when we parked at our destination for the night. The scenery was spectacular! Maria was shooting pictures along the route. Nevada to Arizona to Utah.

Our destination tonight is a Harvest Host. Harvest Host as mentioned in a previous blog post, provides unlimited overnight stays at 5,206+ farms, wineries, breweries, and attractions with no camping fees. We have been members of Harvest Host since they started and therefore pay a very small annual fee for this benefit. The camper gets to visit unique locations that they would not normally visit and the owners attract customers to visit and possibly purchase some of their goods (not required) but nice to support local merchants. Campers must be self contained since most of these locations do not provide power, water or sewer. That is not a problem for us since we have solar, batteries and onboard water/holding tanks.

We are camping tonight at Van Nosdol Land and Livestock. A ranch wedged between two two mountain ranges. We parked next to the horses and cows. Very peaceful area.

No need to run the air conditioner tonight! Shows that the low could be 37 degrees. I think turning the furnace on tonight is a good idea!

Tomorrow night we are staying at a Creamery in Idaho.

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