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Vegas baby... Vegas

We traveled to Las Vegas today where we will be spending the next 3 nights. Adel tickets were well over one thousand dollars per seat if you could get them. Shania Twain was also playing, tickets around 100/seat but not a singer either of us wanted to see. We are going to gamble a little, walk through the shops, check out the hotels which will keep us pretty busy.

Beautiful drive today. Once again the roads are HORRIBLE! The closer we got to Las Vegas the hotter it got. We left Cottonwood, Arizona around 8:30am or so and it was 72 degrees. When we arrived in Las Vegas, it was a balmy 103 degrees!! That is HOT! We had many steep hills to climb and could see for miles the countryside.

It was super exciting as we got closer to Vegas, you could see all the hotels on the strip. Amazing that it is 103 degrees yet the mountains had snow on the peaks.

We unloaded the Spyder from the trailer, and pulled into our spot for the next 3 nights. We we next to the pool area and not far from the club house. This RV resort is huge with tons of amenities. We are having our trailer washed on the site tomorrow - it is filthy dirty! Scott is bringing the truck to the dealership to have the oil changed since we will be due in the next week. Got an appointment for 7am Saturday so it should be a quick in and out. Them we get to explore the Vegas strip!

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