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New Orleans Bound...

We left Gunter Hill Campground around 9:30am which was a bit later than we wanted to leave. During our morning walk, Ellie got stung by a ground bee on her back paw. We think we pulled the stinger out, put baking soda/water on her foot and wrapped it. The wrapping didn't last long (she pulled it off). We gave her some benedryl and she slept for the drive. When we stopped around noon for lunch at a rest area, she seemed fine, no limping so we were happy!!

The weather today was awesome! Sunny and about 84 degrees on average. We stayed on Route 65 then Route 10 which were smooth and had no traffic (love that!). If you look at the photos below, it was so strange to see a bridge follow the river versus crossing a river... it was the reverse of what we normally see. Very cool.

We drove through Mississippi and then into Louisiana.

We arrived at our campground in New Orleans. New Orleans RV resort and marina. We have a waterfront site looking at a paddle boat. A nice campground with a restaurant onsite. We had Beans/Rice with Sausage (local staple) and crab cakes and hush puppies. I think you can guess who had the seafood and who didn't!

Our site view

We are planning to visit New Orleans French Quarter tomorrow. Looking forward to exploring New Orleans!

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